Things Are Happening in Brno, or What They Write about Us Abroad

Things Are Happening in Brno, or What They Write about Us Abroad

"Beautiful. This is what I call dealing with the past," a post says in the discussion under the Pilgrimage of Reconciliation coverage on the website of the prestigious Austrian daily Der Standard. On a similar note are most of readers' comments under the interview with the organizer of the Pilgrimage of Reconciliation, which Der Standard published on the day of the event.

The Pilgrimage of Reconciliation and the preceding Declaration of Reconciliation and a Shared Future in fact aroused considerable interest well beyond our borders. Close monitoring of the media is still "in production" at the moment and some articles about our event are yet to come out. It is already obvious, however, that Brno has been written or spoken about in most of major media in German-speaking countries. And not only there – for example, the procession was accompanied by a crew of the international news agency Associated Press.

The participants in the Saturday's Pilgrimage surely noticed that we were joined by many pilgrims from the two neighbouring countries, including survivors of the original Death March. They learned about us also because in Austria and Germany Pilgrimage wrote already in the foreland. For example, in the most circulated  Austrian serious daily Kurier, but also in the local media: when the author of this article visited Upper Austria a week before the Pilgrimage,

Last but not least, the Pilgrimage was also attended by foreign television crews, alongside the Bavarian BR Television also the Austrian ORF and especially the German ARD, whose extensive coverage on the evening news was seen by the whole Germany. It is unquestionable that our event has contributed very significantly to dealing with what happened in the post-war Czech society, but equally it had a great impact abroad. The intention for it to become a gesture which will promote mutual reconciliation was certainly fulfilled. 

Jaroslav Ostrčilík