Stolpersteine/Stumbling Blocks

10. 9. 2015
(All day)
Karel Tomeš (adresa položení: Tomešova 6)
Ing. Vojtěch Beneš (adresa položení: Pisárecká 10)
Ing. Ludvík Mackerle (adresa položení: Pisárecká 10)
JUDr. Zdeněk Krejčí (adresa položení: Sedlákova 51)

A Europe-wide project commemorating in an unusual way the victims of the Nazi regime: a brass plate in the shape of a cobblestone with basic information on a vanished person will be placed in the pavement in front of the house where they lived. By laying four Stolpersteine this year the Sokol Brno I organisation is remembering its members murdered during the Second World War. They were significant figures in Brno between the wars, among them Karel Tomeš, mayor of the city in the years 1925–1935.


8:00 – Karel Tomeš (address for the laid stone: Tomešova 6)

9:30 – Ing. Vojtěch Beneš (address for the laid stone: Pisárecká 10)

9:30 – Ing. Ludvík Mackerle (address for the laid stone: Pisárecká 10)

10:30 – JUDr. Zdeněk Krejčí (address for the laid stone: Sedlákova 51)

Event website: www.stolpersteine.eu, www.stolpersteine.cz