Stolpersteine – installation of brass plates to commemorate disappeared Jewish inhabitants of European cities and villages

1. 9. 2015 to 30. 9. 2015
Sokol Brno – Brno

Stolpersteine (in Czech: Stones of the Disappeared), is originally a project by the German artist Günter Demnig to commemorate the Holocaust and the Nazi regime victims. A place to stumble, but also to think, is a small rectangular tile made of concrete with each edge of 10 cm, topped with a brass plate bearing the text "Here lived..." with a few other details about the victim. Stones are embedded into the pavement in front of the last place of residence of the victim. These memorials to the victims of Nazism in Brno, original and accessible to everyone – even though miniature – can be seen in Cejl, Bratislavská and Francouzská Streets since 2011.