Ponava (Vanished Rivers) – an opera about stains on the past… "We can stay silent about whatever we want!" Libretto by: Pavel Drábek, music by: Ondřej Kyas, conducted by: Gabriela Tardonová, directed by: Tomáš Studený

11. 5. 2015
Ensemble Opera Diversa, Národní divadlo Brno – Divadlo Reduta, Zelný trh 4, Brno

The fourth full-feature chamber opera of the Ensemble Opera Diversa is dedicated to the city and its rivers – especially those currents that are hidden under the ground over which stand houses, parks and unsuspecting streets. Life in the city is inscribed on the stories of these rivers – oppressed, buried and silenced – which from time to time run high and roll out onto the surface.

150 Kč, on-line sales: http://online.ndbrno.cz/ndbrno/hall?id=7697