Memory of Líšeň – a lecture by Rostislav Brzobohatý and a discussion with eye witnesses

23. 4. 2015
Dělňák Líšeň – Klajdovská 28, Brno, 628 00

The programme  Memory of Líšeň brings together people, who remember Líšeň the way most other people do not know it anymore. Stories of people and places captured on old photographs, description of how people used to live and share their time together, can be an inspiration for the relationship to the place where people from today's Líšeň live. Rostislav Brzobohatý's lecture and the discussion with witnesses about the end of WW2 in Líšeň and about the expulsion of Germans from Líšeň are organized by the "Líšeň sobě" association.