Inscriptions on a Monument (2015)

26. 4. 2015 to 12. 10. 2015
Norbert Holub, Literární revue Weles, galerie Místogalerie| Šumavská ulice, concrete wall across from the University of Defence in Brno

This event represents a site-specific and time-specific artistic visual intervention into public space. On the day of the anniversary of liberation of Brno by Soviet and Romanian troops, eight posters had to be put up, related to the Red Army Soldier monument in Moravské Náměstí square. The event introduces the poets Ivan Blatný, Josef Kainar, Karel Kryl, Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky. The author of the original text quoted on the posters was J. V. Stalin. The absence of an analogous poem related to Romanian soldiers is symptomatic, because such a text does not seem to exist in Czech poetry. For the sake of respect and due to partial isolation of the monument and its surroundings,  another location with adequate connotations has been chosen – a concrete wall across from the University of Defence. The event is a creative return to an exhibition titled Inscriptions on the Monument, which took place in April 2010 in Místogalerie na Skleněné louce (Glass Meadow Gallery), which is documented on the Internet Encyclopaedia of Brno. Alongside with this street art presentation,  presentations on the Internet and Facebook will take place.

Free admission