End Of The Swastika Rule – The Liberation Of Moravia In 1945 – an exhibition

24. 4. 2015 to 3. 1. 2016
Moravské zemské muzeum – Dietrichsteinský palác,ground floor , Zelný trh 8, Brno

Through maps, less-known photographs, equipment, arms and other series of exhibits about the course, this exhibition gives a picture of the last war year in Moravia and Silesia. It represents the plans of the Soviet commanders and factual progress of liberation struggles of the Red Army troops and their Romanian allies in the Brno direction, and familiarizes visitors with the last crime of the Nazi repressive forces against Brno civilians, which was the execution of twenty people on 21 April 1945. Other topics include the May uprising and the activities of some guerrilla groups in the Moravian territory, the activities of two Soviet and one German generals who all died in South Moravia at the very end of the war, or the activities of the commanders of the 2nd and 4th Ukrainian Front – Marshal Malinovsky and General Yeremenko. The exhibition does not avoid some negative aspects of the liberation: it thematises the behaviour of Soviet soldiers towards civilians and reiterates the much-discussed expulsion of the Brno's German population at the turn of May and June 1945.

Basic admission fee: 80 Kč